March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February on the Farm

My blogger friends from Maine are "hunkered down" waiting out a blizzard that has deposited several feet of snow, but here in Kansas we have had almost spring-like weather.  This morning's temperatures were a bit more in tune with the date on the calendar; it was 32ºF as I started out on my walk this morning about 9 a.m.

It was a blessing to be outside, walking.  I have just come through an arthritis/fibromyalgia attack that was the worst I've experienced. I kept remembering my grandmother talking about "the rheumatiz" and I wonder whether she suffered something like this. It was so uncomfortable that just turning over in bed was an ordeal; the weight of the blankets was painful to lift and rearrange.

But--I'm better!  And I walked up the hill across from our house this morning!

Farmer John was feeding cattle, and stopped to open the wire gate for me.  He is not a happy camper today; he has a cold AND a toothache. He is the hale and hearty member of our partnership, the cinch pin that holds our family together. Our adult kids call me with prayer requests, but John fields all other needs for his elderly parents and for all of us (driving to appointments/moving furniture/mechanic work/help with projects/etc.).  Even beyond my empathy and prayers for him there is just an uneasy feeling when he isn't well because we all depend on him so. Here he is, opening the gate and holding his aching jaw; please say a little prayer for Farmer John (dental appointment this afternoon!).

Our big, goofy dog Moose has always been an escape artist. No fence could hold him, and so he had to leave his home with our daughter's family in town and come to the country to live with us.  But he somehow instinctively knew the way back, and would travel over 4 miles back to their yard.  And so we spent $300--yes, THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS-- on a perimeter collar for this beast.  And it worked.  He became trained, we thought, and we stopped making him wear it.  This was a mistake.  He ran away this past weekend and we spent two anxious days searching for him.  He has to wear the collar once more.  But need I say it--I am SO glad to have him back.  I don't know why I love him but I do!

Finally, here are a couple of shadow photos of Moose and me from our walk this morning...Happy February everyone, no matter the weather in your neck of the woods:  

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