March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March on the Farmstead

We had one of the warmest Februarys on record but March has brought a return of winter-like weather.  Our two oldest grandsons, above, have both had colds but that didn't stop them from being outside and getting to know this friendly Hereford heifer. The photo credit goes to the boys' dad; I would have been saying "Oh don't get so close!!"

I've included a photo of the roast chicken we had for supper the other night because it was so easy and good.  It is America Test Kitchen's Weeknight Roast Chicken - no brining or complicated prep.  I did go ahead and make the pan sauce and was glad I did. I used lemon juice and fresh rosemary rather than the vinegar and fresh thyme the recipe calls for, and we loved it.  Another plus is that the recipe link includes a video--I didn't even have to read the recipe (but be certain to test the internal temperature -- I must've had a bigger bird, had to roast it longer to get to the requisite temperature)!

We live near a wind farm, and after some trepidation over the size of these machines--the towers alone are over 300 feet high, and each wing is about 185 feet long--I've come to enjoy photographing them. Our Kansas skies have provided a beautiful backdrop for trees and turbines of late.

By the way, Farmer John is feeling much better than at the time of my last blogpost--but is a little poorer for having had to pay for a root canal.

Hope your March is blessed!