March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

End of Summer

This spring I was ill with a series of viruses, and even the scent and sight of my lilac bush in full bloom did not tempt me to pull out my camera. But as summer blossomed into one of the most pleasant I can remember (we actually had ample rain during the typically dry month of July), I began to feel better. As the weather warmed, my desire to capture moments around and about this community I love re-emerged. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the beauty of rural Kansas:
Nothing more small town or all American than a Fourth of July Parade. This gentleman, a WWII Veteran and our neighbor,  has led the parade for years.

Had to share this pedal tractor, a favorite in this year's parade, because the handsome guy with the dazzling smile front and center is our son, Jonathan. He was the inspiration for the character Marshal Rosencutter in The Children Are Tender. The good looking guy on Jonathan's left (to the right in the photo) is our son-in-law, Brian. Brian as I imagined him as a child (remember the little guy who loved snakes) is in the novel as well. 

This was the year for the 17 year cicada hatch--they are so distinctive with their red eyes. There were so many of them that locust song in June and July was nearly too loud for comfort.

And what is Kansas in summer without a good old fashioned thunderstorm? This one was like a bully who doesn't have nerve to carry out a threat, and sailed right overhead with only a few gusts of wind and a smattering of rain.

My outdoor rocking chair blew off the front porch one too many times last year, so this year only impatiens have been allowed to sit in it.

Love my Kansas blessed to live in small town Kansas, U.S.A.