March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nine Reasons I Love June in Kansas

The euonymus shrubs are green and glossy but haven't bloomed, so they aren't yet attracting flies! 

Dragonflies have emerged with rainbow wings...

These guys are almost done producing flowers and fluff...

The Margie rose is blooming in the fence row (named for the childhood friend who gave me the cutting). 

The hanging basket my daughter and her husband gave me for Mother's Day is still beautiful (I haven't killed it yet).

The rosebush my son and his wife gave me two years ago survived the drought and is covered with blooms....

...and the old fashioned rosebush  is blossoming

First thing in the morning it is neither too warm or too cool to sit here......

...and it isn't yet too hot to take a walk in the early evening. 
If I could've captured a photo of cottonwood fluff wafting through the air this would have been reason #10!  I love June in Kansas!