March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Another October Post...

The bottom photo is a detail of the red maple in our west yard, top, left.  

Some folks are posting 7 days of black and white photos on Facebook this week.  It's a neat idea, and I've seen some lovely photos...but in my estimation, black and white just doesn't portray autumn in Kansas in the way it deserves.

I'm so glad to be recovering from surgery in October--the heat of summer or the cold of winter would've kept me inside, and I'm about to go stir crazy as it is!  What a blessing to venture outside my door into the sunshine and green-scented crispness of this rain-washed October.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Like Spring Only Better

Fall color has officially arrived--but regular rains and moderate temperatures have kept the grass green and growing.  Our five year old grandson chased a frisbee in our front yard yesterday, and when he stretched out full length in the grass he disappeared!  We are going to have to mow the lawn here at the end of October.  
I had an emergency surgery not quite two weeks ago, and today was the first time I had ventured outdoors since I arrived home from the hospital.  On a lovely, soul-nurturing stroll around the driveway I snapped these photos--homegrown pumpkins, green grass flanked by red maple leaves, and roses in October.  Grateful to be here to see it.  God is good.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Early October

There isn't much color in the fall trees in our part of Kansas, not yet. Even our red maple that is usually a blaze of crimson by now seems to be waiting, withholding judgment; is it really Autumn?  We usually have blazing heat and little if any rain in July and August, but this year the temperatures were moderate, and we received needed rain right on schedule; maybe more moisture than usual has discouraged the usual scarlets and golds of October?  But, as the photos above show, there's beauty nonetheless.