March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Sunday, April 30, 2017


I can't really entitle this post "April on the Farm," because I haven't been out with John this month as he has been busy fixing fence, burning pastures, and moving cattle. I have spring allergies and odd swelling in my face from Rosacea, and these things are aggravated when I ride around in the dusty ol' farm pickup.  Hard not to grieve missing out of this time of year, but there have been lots of blessings this month nonetheless.

A wind farm surrounds the little nursing home where my mom now lives. I've overcome my fear of these huge machines and often stop to snap a photo. The backstory of how I wrote my first short story for Kindle this month (the storyline includes a giant wind turbine) can be found HERE.  

The lilac bush bloomed--briefly.  A hard rain stripped it of blossoms on about its third day of full bloom.  
This photo reminds me that springtime is beautiful even from the inside looking out.  

Loved Easter this year with four--count 'em, FOUR grandkids hunting eggs in our front yard.