March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Follow Me?

My agent along with the publisher, editor, and even the graphic designer at my publishing company  have all told me that I need a platform, a package, and a plan.  I need to be knowledgeable about social networking, and most of all, I need followers.  

Yes, followers.  

I was hesitant.  In my view there is only one Person who has the credentials and the backing to say, "Follow Me," and I'm not Him.  

But, I've come to understand that in the social networking sense, the request to "follow me" is really a euphemism for "help me out." Following someone is a way of being kind and of accepting an invitation to community.  It can also be a first step in  joining a network of human interaction that can have great power of influence in our world.  

Sally Stuart, who for years published an annual volume entitled "The Christian Writers Market Guide," wants Christian writers to have confidence in the Lord in them.  She says, "...each of you has been given a specific mission in the field of writing. You and I often feel inadequate to the task, but I learned a long time ago that the writing assignments God has given me cannot be written quite as well by anyone else." This perspective helps me to lose my hesitation to ask folks to follow me.  My caregiving book contains information that saved my sanity during my transition into the role of caregiver, and I have an urgency to share this with others suffering the same kinds of challenges.  And my novel about teaching little kids in a rural community during a time of budget cuts to education has important implications for our world today as well as great, clean entertainment value.  

So (she says confidently) please follow me on Twitter or Facebook or  Pinterest.  If you read one of my books and like it please retweet, repin, write a comment at Amazon, or share on Facebook.  "Like" my Amazon listing, or Youtube video, or posts on my books' Facebook pages. If you are able to do even one of those things it will be a great help! In this way the people who need (or will enjoy) the things the Lord's given me to write can gain benefit, and you will have had a hand in this effort.  Thank you, bless you, and I'll be glad to follow your sites...just ask!  


  1. Linda, following you as you share your talents and your walk with God is a pleasure and an uplifting experience.

  2. I laughed and cried throughout The Children are Tender. As a Teacher, myself the stories of the students and the school faculty brought back memories of my first year of teaching. By the time I finished reading The Children are Tender, I felt that I had lived and worked in Karola, Kansas.