March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Friday, February 22, 2013

35 (or so) Years Later...

My grandma used to talk about how quickly time passes, and only now am I beginning to understand what she meant.

A misconception we have when we are young is that older people are somehow inherently different from us.  Turns out, not so much.  I'm older, and admittedly I look quite a bit different than I did many years ago, but essentially, I'm still me.  And I'd think that fact would comfort young folks; you aren't going to morph into some old codgerly thing.  You will still be you!  And you really won't feel so differently about yourself than you do now...except maybe you'll become a little more comfortable in your own skin.  Funny how that happens when the skin is definitely beginning to sag...

Farmer John and Lydia are the lead characters in my book, The Children Are Tender, and they are based on my husband and me as we were during our first few years of marriage more than 35 years ago. Now that our nest is empty the real life Farmer John and I have rekindled some of the romance we felt during those early years.  We are having fun driving around the farm in the old red pickup doing chores together each morning and we laugh a lot.  If that doesn't sound romantic to you it must be because you haven't yet learned that having fun together is essential to romance at any age. 

Yesterday our part of Kansas received 12 inches of snow.  Farmer John and I had fun--and no cardiac events--shoveling, throwing snowballs, and I made a snow angel.  I think the the younger version of ourselves as I wrote them in The Children Are Tender would be proud. 
Like my hot pink John Deere gloves? 

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