March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

June and July in Kansas

June was unseasonably hot, and July has been uncomfortably dry.  That it is also uncomfortably hot goes without saying; this is Kansas, after all.  Our son will work at The Farm Show in Pittsburg, Kansas this Friday and Saturday, and he told me the high is predicted to be 98 degrees with a heat index of 109.  I had a flashback of how I used to feel when he began football practice under similar conditions in early August during his his junior high and high school years.

But despite the almost painful brightness of the sun and the unrelenting heat, there is nevertheless so much beauty.  I especially love the early mornings, just before sunrise. The scents of summer are perfumed with a humid sweetness; milkweed blossoms in the road ditch, freshly mown hay across the road, and the green grass scent of our yard which hasn't yet dried to depressing brown.

I hope it rains soon, and I'll sure be glad for the cooler temperatures of Autumn.  But right now I am actually enjoying summer.

Colors are vivid in summer.  The old fashioned rose at bottom grows in a wild corner of our yard and has vined into a scrubby tree in the hedgerow.

Our grandkids: ages 10, 6, and two 2-year-olds  Lower right:  Big brother reading aloud to little brother; this blesses my heart because I brushed off my stagnating reading teacher skills and, toward the end of this school year, began daily lessons with the guy on the right.  He has just turned 6, and is reading at mid-year first grade level.

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