March 2014: The Children Are Tender

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fond Farewell to October

 In late October, the air freshened and the sky changed from hazy to jewel-like, as though the crisp fall breezes had cleansed away dust and haze to reveal deeper shades of blue. 

Hay bale jumping, the farm boy's joy! Our middle grandson, age 3, knows no fear.

This is our oldest grandson and our yellow lab, Moose, who had to be boosted onto the hay bales (he weighs 80 pounds). Yes, I hurt my back.

This is how little boys help their grandmother rake leaves. 

Red maple tree turned to burnished orange in the afternoon sun. 

Our middle grandson loves hedgeballs, especially throwing them, which is how this one ended up in a carpet of maple leaves.

Most authors do not make very much money.  Case in point, my eleven year old Ford Escape in the photo above. But a sugar maple frame makes even my dusty ol' ride look purty.

The light! The vivid color! Thank You Lord, for October beauty. 


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